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Michael Shacklette LPCC

Maybe you are aware of what issues you need help to resolve and are needing help with the next step, maybe you have an “itch” that something is not quite right but you are not sure what direction to take, or maybe you are feeling lost or confused in this adventure we call life. I welcome all to participate in the therapy process regardless of where a person is in that journey. I am honored to meet every person in their current space, whether it means starting with building the beginning steps of insight or continuing work on a long-discovered issue.

I have worked with individuals from a variety of backgrounds in various types of settings, ranging from inpatient, crisis, the court system, community mental health, and private practice, and have had the pleasure of helping clients with a multitude of issues, including: trauma, substance use, depression, anxiety, grief, and marital/family conflict, etc.

I understand that being on the journey of self-discovery can be one of the most challenging journeys that we go on as humans, but I hope that you will recruit me as an ally to walk beside you. I look forward to the privilege of connecting with you and sharing the roads of life as



719 Dishman Ln Ext Ste C

Bowling Green KY 42104


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